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Pitch Us!

Here at FEMME MAG, we’re committed to amplifying the voices of women. We strongly believe that the content we create should reflect the interests of our growing audience, and our editorial team works round the clock to lend a voice to a media landscape that we feel underrepresents our voices. Community means everything to us and that’s why we want to hear from you! 

Pitch Us Your Ideas

Many young writers and journalists are unsure about how to pitch to a publication. And we get it, it can be a confusing/daunting process especially when different publications have different things that they look out for. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown on how to pitch to FEMME MAG; from tips on formatting to how to make your submission stand out. Happy reading! 


So you’ve come across FEMME MAG and you like what you see. You’ve gone through our website and are probably thinking, “I can definitely contribute to this publication. I can write. In fact, I have an idea of an article that’ll fit in perfectly!” And to this, we say, “Fantastic. Email us!” 

We get a lot of emails and to make sure our Editor-in-Chief reads what your brilliant mind has come up with please do the following:

  1. Email subject heading should read in capital letters “PITCH” followed by your headline. Example: “PITCH: Why Nigerian Women are Talking About Tracy’s Dog.”
  2. Your pitch should include no more than 2 paragraphs and should be in the body of the email. Please do not attach your pitch in a separate document. 
  3. In your pitch, tell us why you think this story is relevant and important. At FEMME MAG, we’re all about the “whys”. We love those. Also, include how you plan to write it and briefly outline your piece. Is it an interview? An Op-Ed? How many people are you reaching out to? Tell us everything (but briefly of course). 


  1. At FEMME MAG, we welcome a variety of topics! Submissions should fall into the following content categories: sex, beauty, money, style, health, personal, pop culture and identity. 

Don’t Do This.

  1. Please don’t email us with a finished piece of work. We only accept pitches. 
  2. We don’t accept pitches/work that has been published in other publications. 

Do This. 

  1. Proof-read for spelling and grammar errors.
  2. Send us your pitch at! No seriously… you should.


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