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How To Choose The Best Foundation For Humid Weather

Spilling the tea on how to keep your skin-base on lock and brave the weather in the heat.

How To Choose The Best Foundation For Humid Weather

Spilling the tea on how to keep your skin-base on lock and brave the weather in the heat.

December is to Nigerians what night is to suya and it’s just around the corner. If you’re a focused Nigerian babe then we expect that you already have a few activities lined up. It’s time to prep girls and we’re kicking off the #dettydecember season with some makeup hacks.

If you can afford to get it professionally done for every event, then great! But let’s say you can’t and you’ve just begun your makeup journey. The options can be a bit overwhelming and there are so many factors to consider if you hope to pick the right one. The biggest being Nigeria’s weather.

The country records extremely humid weather with a sun so hot that it can make wearing certain foundation types very uncomfortable. Not to worry, FEMME MAG is here and we’re spilling the tea on how to get that skin-base locked.  

 Most makeup brands opt for liquid foundations because it’s the most versatile and for a beginner, it’s the easiest to get acquainted with. Here are a couple of factors to consider so you can pick out one tailored to suit your needs and Nigeria’s humid weather.

Your skin type

Foundation isn’t a one-size-fits-all product and brands tailor them to fit each skin type. There are three skin types: oily, dry or combination skin and you need to figure out which one you have in order to make the best decision. Using a foundation meant for dry skin on oily skin puts you at risk of your makeup melting off or your foundation clogging up your pores. And using a foundation meant for oily skin on dry skin puts you at risk of patchy makeup.

You can figure out your skin type by washing your face and letting it air dry. If your face produces excessive oil all over then you have oily skin, no oil and you have dry skin, oil in only your T-zone and you have combination skin. Use this as a guide for your next shopping trip.

Foundation recs:

Oily skin–  Zikel pro-matte foundation

Dry skin-  Nuban Beauty In My Skin foundation.

Combination skin- Maybelline FIT Me! Matte + Poreless foundation.

Is it mattyfing or hydrating?

Coming off of our first point, your skin type determines the best type of foundation formula for you. The two main types are mattifying and hydrating foundations. 

Mattifying foundations usually provide full coverage and they are ideal for people who are attending events that go on for a long time. But remember, lightweight mattifying foundations are the way to go (more on that later). They also typically pair better with oily skin (as long as you use a mattifying primer beforehand, of course).

Hydrating foundations typically provide medium to low coverage and will make the final result look dewy and glowy. They usually pair better with dry skin.

For Nigeria’s weather, mattifying foundations are recommended because they are full coverage and help last a while. But of course, you should listen to your skin too! 

Consider the formulation

For the best use of your money, it’s important to consider the ingredients and the formula with which your foundation is made.

Lightweight foundations are the ideal foundations for Nigeria’s hot weather. Because of the weather, you want to stay with foundations that leave your face breathable against the heat. 

FEMME MAG reccomends:  Zaron. 

Also, oil-free foundations are another recommendation for Nigeria’s sweltering heat. They last longer and they have a lesser risk of oxidising. 

FEMME MAG recommends: Clinique Stay Matte foundation.

How well do your other products pair with your foundation?

While foundations are important, the other products are just as important. Example: Your primer has to be water-based if your foundation is water-based. And if you’re using a matte foundation, it makes more sense to use a mattifying primer. All this makes a difference in helping your makeup last longer under humid conditions. So while getting your foundation, consider your other products too!

Some additional tips for the road:

  • Don’t forget to prime! All the hard work that goes into finding the perfect foundation goes out the window if you don’t prime or if your primer is not a good fit for your foundation (as mentioned above). Primers help to create a smoothing effect that enhances makeup coverage and helps your makeup stay on longer. They also target skin concerns with oily or dry skin and they will make or break your makeup game.
  • Invest in a good fixing spray, not to be mistaken with a setting spray. As the name implies, fixing sprays help fix your makeup and make it last longer. They are just as important as your primer and you should invest in one.
  • Keep a couple of blotting papers in your purse. You can try anything and everything but at the end of the day, your skin has a mind of its own and you can only do your best. Make provisions for if and when it does get too hot for your foundation. Using blotting papers instead of retouching constantly, keeps your makeup light and breathable. Otherwise, it might end up patchy and we don’t want that.

These are FEMME MAG’S recommendations for making sure you’re showing up as your best self this December. Good luck!


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