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15 beauty Products You Need To Add To Cart Right Now

Run, don't walk to add these items to your cart

15 beauty Products You Need To Add To Cart Right Now

Run, don't walk to add these items to your cart

For some, the task of finding beauty products that actually live up to the hype can be incredibly exhausting. For starters, there’s just so much stuff on the market right now that buying a new cleanser can feel like going down a 40-minute anxiety-ridden rabbit hole of product review videos and endless scrolls on ‘sites that never seem to stop.

The sheer volume of products can also make it difficult to discover newer brands that don’t have as much visibility but are just as good as the OGs. While we’re happy to see the beauty market, especially in Africa, expand to serve women of all shades and concerns, we know we aren’t the only ones craving a mini guide about what’s good. 

*enter the hardwork of the FEMME MAG team*

We’ve put together a list of 15 beauty products that we feel you need to add to your cart right now (and not a second sooner).

From plumping lip oils to gripping primers, these products do what they say they do. They’re also all from African women-owned beauty brands and we love to see it. Run don’t walk to add these products we’ve listed below. 

Mohini Beauty Clean Buttr Cleansing Balm

Taking off your makeup after a night out is one of the top 5 things we know is good for us but is extremely long. Fortunately, cleansing balms make the process a little easier and do a good job of taking off your makeup. We’re loving this cleansing balm for its gentle yet effective first cleanse. Formulated with sunflower seed oil it also helps maintain your skin barrier without stripping it off.

SkinByTej Potion Lotion Body Lotion

Launched at the end of 2021, SkinByTej came out with three stellar products: a lotion, oil and serum. While we’re obsessed with all three at FEMME MAG the one that stands out the most is the Potion Lotion Body lotion. This is a Glycolic Acid moisturizer that hydrates and brightens the skin, while also reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on your body. Your skin feels very supple and hydrated after use.

Honey Beauty Waterproof Volumizing Mascara

While the hype of mascaras might have dwindled since the rise in popularity of lash extensions, mascara will always be #thatgirl. If you want the volume without the extra work of lash extensions, we recommend this Honey Beauty Waterproof Volumizing Mascara which comes in the shade jet black.

Zaron Veil Highlighting/Setting Powder

We’re obsessed with this Zaron setting powder that gives you that perfect airbrushed lewk without being cakey and comes in 5 tones. Dust lightly on the desire area.

M Skin Lip Juice Plumping Glow Oil

The product hot on everyone’s lips right now (no pun intended) is the M Skin Lip Juice Plumping Glow Oil. Made with Grapeseed oil  and Sweet Almond oil, this lip oil is glossy but not sticky and leaves a glass-like finish once applied. It’s Chubby doe-foot applicator makes application seamless and ensures your lips get maximum coverage. It comes in two flavours: Berry Floss and Cool Peppa Mint.

African Botanics Commiphora Face Cleanser

A good cleanser is hard to find. And by good, we mean one that doesn’t dry out your skin and leave you feeling tight after use. One notable that we’re into right now is the African Botanics Commiphora Face Cleanser. This beauty is an exfoliating gel cleanser has a non-stripping lather and is formulated with powerhouse acids such as Lactic, Mandelic and Salicylic. The star of the show, however, is the Commiphora Wildii which rejuvenates the skin. This product is perfect for anyone who’s looking for that extra *oomph* from their cleanser.

Omaricode Beauty Skin Canvas Primer

This Omricode Beauty Skin Canvas Primer is an unsung hero amongst Nigerian makeup artists who swear by it’s ability to grip any product applied after. The perfect base for your makeup, it doesn’t feel too heavy once applied. It’s also price friendly at N5, 950. Score.

Yanga Beauty Smooth Match Concealer

Ever had a concealer that just wouldn’t blend?? Not fun. The Yanga Beauty Smooth Match Concealer is a buttery dream and seeps into your skin while giving you that coverage you came for. Full coverage or light, it can do both depending on how much product you apply.

Junederm Glow Boosting Nourishing Face Oil

Yes, we know that oils tend to have a bad rep for being heavy and can conjure up images of clogged pores and grease.We get it, especially because some of them can be quite thick once applied. But let’s put you on to one that is our go-to and doesn’t do any of the aforementioned things. The Junederm Glow Boosting Nourishing Face Oil leaves you glowing, radiating, shinning… (shall we go on) with minimal effort needed. We love using a few drops at night to finish off our routine.

Arami Essentials Hydra-Gel Moisturizer

If there’s one thing Arami Essentials are going to do, is produce products that work. Since it launched in 2016 it’s been all hits no misses and its recently released Hydra Gel Moisturizer is no different. This product is a lightweight,oil-free gel cream that’s fast absorbing. It also makes you look like a glazed donut after use which is always a plus.

R&R Luxury Liquid Black Soap

There are a lot of black soap products on the market. Like.. a lot and they all range in texture tone and consistency. What we love about the R&R Luxury Liquid Black Soap is its formulation. It’s easy to apply and works into a lovely lather on your body. Made with shea butter it’s also deeply hydrating.

Epara Skincare Natural Cleansing Oil

This one is for the boujee b*tches. We love how luxurious this cleansing oil is for our first cleanse and it gives you that deeep hydration. Formulated with licorice root extract, this products practically glides onto your skin and removes any impurities and dirt. We love.

Organic Life Plus Babassu Therapy Hair Mask

There aren’t that many Nigerian haircare brands so we jumped at this opportunity to include one of our favs. The Organic Life Plus Babassu Therapy Hair Mask is what your hair has been craving. Seriously. It’s a deep conditioning product that repairs and reconstructs any damage done to your hair. It also has Babassu oil which norusiehs, softens and adds shine to your hair. Wash day staple for sure!

SkinScience Africa SPF50 Sunscreen Lotion

Ask anyone about their top 3 sunscreens and there’s a high chance the SkinScience Africa SPF50 Sunscreen Lotion is on that list. For Black women, finding sunscreens that don’t leave a white cast has been a task and a half. Luckily, brands like SkinScience Africa have stepped up and given the girls what they’ve been asking for: a product that protects our skin and blends seamlessly into our skin sans white cast. This is one of the OG products.

54 Thrones Big African Beauty Butter

Formulated with two types of African Shea Butters (Ghanian and Ugandan), this product promises to “quench skins’ thirst, promoting a healthy skin barrier for smooth, glowing skin”. We’re also a sucker for its packaging. This product is quite thick and that’s because it’s intended to give your skin a double dose of hydration. Bye ashy!


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