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For Your Ears Only: 001

From Lady Donli's 'Soft Life' to SGaWDs 'Telfar', listen to our August playlist here

For Your Ears Only: 001

From Lady Donli's 'Soft Life' to SGaWDs 'Telfar', listen to our August playlist here

Welcome to For Your Ears Only, our monthly playlist put together by team FEMME MAG!

Each month, we’re bringing you a special selection of recently released tracks from female artists across the continent. From slick rap bars to soulful RnB melodies, we’ve got a bit of something for everybody!

One of the key drivers that shape the work we do at FEMME is creating a platform for female creatives to showcase their work. In a male-driven industry, it’s easy for the talent, skill and hard work many of these women have to get drowned in the noise and have them pushed out of the conversation.

We often hear the same tired excuses about why female creatives aren’t given the same attention as their male counterparts: they aren’t relatable (to who?), it’s all the same (it’s not), the market isn’t there (it is), which glosses over the very real, sexist attitudes the industry embodies.

If we tell ourselves that women just don’t “have it like that”, it makes it easier to ignore the efforts that many female creatives tirelessly put into their craft only to get sidelined. Our work at FEMME is to show you that women are doing the *damn thing* and force you to pay attention to the myriad of ways they show us.

Our For Your Ears Only monthly playlist is an extension of that work, bringing directly to your ears (and whatever listening platform you use) women who are creating in their own lanes and with their own sound. To get with the program and catch you up to the women making great music, we advise that you stay tuned every month to see for yourselves.

This August, we’re bringing you sounds from Lagos to London and everywhere in between, filled with tracks from women talking their shit and taking up space with their bars. Listen here on Spotify:


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