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Team FEMME MAG Investigates: Beauty Trends Actually Worth the Hype

*In our humble opinions*

Team FEMME MAG Investigates: Beauty Trends Actually Worth the Hype

*In our humble opinions*

It seems like every other day, there’s a new beauty trend everyone is talking about. Ranging from the absurd (lube as primer…?) to the brow-raising (#botoxinabottle), all the information can be rather overwhelming.

So, Team FEMME MAG has stepped in to clear things up. Read more to see what beauty trends are actually worth the hype, in our humble opinions.

This trend is basically where you apply a lighter shade of concealer directly under your eyes, focusing on the inner and outer corners.  At first, I was like – the beauty gworls have come again with unnecessary trends. But then I tried it myself. The first difference is my undereye is instantly brighter, like X2 brighter than when I did it my old way. Cheekbones look lifted and overall face looks airbrushed. Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture. #NoFilter.

I’m a firm believer in keeping your routine as straightforward as possible. 9-step routine? No thank you. However, when I heard about double cleansing two years ago, I was intrigued and decided to try out this extra step in my routine. I haven’t been able to look back since.

Double cleansing is essentially… you guessed it… cleansing your face twice. You typically start off with an oil-based cleanser and follow up with a water-based one. I’m currently using the Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm which melts away makeup and sunscreen from my face. It smells so good and I love using the tiny spatula it comes with to scoop the product from the jar. Feels vv extra.

I put the balm directly onto my face without any water and thoroughly massage the product in. I then add some water to my face and it emulsifies. After my oil-based cleanser, I go in for the second cleanse. My G.O.A.T water-based cleanser is the Innis Free Hydrating Cleansing Foam which is so creamy and lathers up so well. This product makes my skin supple and it doesn’t strip away any moisture.  

I’ve also seen a big difference in my skin texture since I started double cleansing.

Soft glam is everything and more. The very few times I stray away from my norm, I ask myself “WHY!?”  

Seeing it become a “trend” and learning tips and tricks made me perfect what I was already doing and now, it’s *chefs kiss*. I love the way my face looks, I love how it just ties my whole look together and most of all, I love how I still look like me!

Knotless braids have been around for a while but I feel like they really took off last summer?

First thing you should know: they’re not cheap! If you have full hair, you might need a lot of braiding hair and since it takes a while to do, the labor isn’t cheap either. But the trade-offs: the style is virtually painless, looks more natural and isn’t heavy. 10/10 recommend, just resist the temptation to keep it in for three months if you have fragile hair. Ask me how I know. 😬

Butterfly clips, beads, head bands and tiny baby scrunchies: I think accessorising your hair is a subtle trend that’s super cool. It’s really artsy (picking colours, arranging the accessories) and can totally upgrade any look.

This makeup trend is literally my favourite because it mostly deals with colour. I saw it first on Doja Cat’s Vogue Beauty Secrets.

The main idea is to use an abnormal amount of eyeshadow and blend it with graphic eyeliner (though you can use regular black eyeliner). Along with that, use blush on your cheeks as normal but also put it on the bridge of your nose. It also has a sharp nose contour. Let me just say, I haven’t quite mastered the nose contour part but I’ve managed to hack the other aspects. I’ve noticed that a lot of women are incorporating this trend into their regular makeup routine and frankly, I love that it’s catching on because it’s amazing!


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