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Meet the Amazing Team at FEMME

An official introduction to the people behind all our efforts!

Meet the Amazing Team at FEMME

An official introduction to the people behind all our efforts!

Building a community of women over the last few years has been an incredibly exciting time. Whether we’re planning an all-female lineup festival or writing a deep dive into society’s weird obsession with our nipples, we’re here to create spaces where women feel seen and heard. Doing so against a backdrop of misogyny hasn’t been easy and we’d be lying if we said that the state of women’s rights in Nigeria and across the continent is anything short of abysmal. It however pushes us to keep doing the work that we do at FEMME.

Here’s an official introduction to the kickass team who’s behind all our efforts.

Ayomide Dokunmu

Role: Founder FEMME Digital

Age: 24

Star Sign: Aries

Mini Bio: My day-to-day life is focused on making the world a more accommodating place for women. I do this through my work with Femme Digital under which we have Femme Africa, FEMME MAG and the Femme Network.

On Friday & Saturday nights, I’m a tequila-loving girl who can’t sit at home. I’m regularly asked by my friends and family, “Do you get tired?” The answer is no. I’ll never get tired of dancing till my feet are tired and belting out all the wrong lyrics with the confidence of Beyoncé on stage.

Temilade adeyinka

Role: Editor-In-Chief/Co-Founder FEMME MAG

Age: 26

Star Sign: Capricorn

Mini Bio: I think the most exciting part of my job is reading the submissions from our community members. I love how witty, interesting and funny these women are with the articles they pitch and it always brings a massive smile to my face whenever I receive them. When I’m not editing articles, I’m brainstorming about new content ideas, potential partnerships and ways to expand our reach. To relax, you can find me reading a book with a glass of wine or cooking. I really love cooking (with nobody else in the kitchen) and I think the best thing I’ve made is a slow-cooked lamb ragu.

Subomi Ajibola

Role: Project & Marketing Lead FEMME Digital

Age: 25

Star Sign: Pisces 

Mini Bio: Most of my time is spent thinking of & implementing new ways for the FEMME brand to grow through partnerships & dynamic coms — I know, sounds very serious but it’s the thing I love to do. 

When I’m not doing real-life stuff, I’m busy daydreaming of my ideal life where we’re a 7-figure company ($ oh) and I’m travelling across the world to collab with Spotify or Nike to create global campaigns. The things that light up my life include: family, friends, loud laughs, long hugs, sunlight, clear skin, a killer outfit & good sleep. 

Leke Subair

Role: Community & Sponsorship Manager FEMME Digital

Age: 24

Star Sign: Libra

Mini Bio: Currently building the Femme Network. I’m always dreaming about how to bridge the employability gap and the growing demands of the creative and cultural industries in a digital world. 

Likely cause of death: Pitch Decks & Zoom Calls. 

I’m also notorious for stirring meetings into DMCs and looking for the next topic to unpack. Otherwise, you will find me cooking, playing/watching tennis or at a concert. I have a BA In Business Management, an MSc in Accounting and Finance & I’m 2 seconds away from qualifying as an ACCA Chartered Accountant. 

In an ideal world, I sleep, eat and follow the tennis tour from Australia to New York, and again. But the world isn’t ideal, so here I am — a back-office media gal, cosplaying as an accountant.

morountodun Sowemimo

Role: Graphic Designer FEMME MAG

Age: 24

Star Sign: Cancer 

Mini Bio: All the graphics you see on FEMME MAG’s Instagram page and website? Yeah, that’s me. When I’m not creating graphics and thinking of ways to elevate our overall brand aesthetic, I’m working my ass off (literally) as a consultant. In my free time, I enjoy watching series and having dance parties. I also enjoy a good laugh with my friends; I’m talking about the kind where there’s no sound and I can’t breathe. I also LOVE dressing up. One thing about me, I’m going to look GOOD. Additionally, I graduated from the University of Warwick with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and an MSc in Healthcare Operational Management. Ultimately, I’m really just here to live life and be the best version of myself in any way possible. 

Tritima Achigbu

Role: Social Media Manager FEMME MAG

Age: 20

Star Sign: Sagittarius 

Mini Bio: In the daytime, I’m a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington studying…wait for it…finance. Might be hard to believe given the 👩🏽‍🍳💋 content I deliver to you all on FEMME MAG’s social accounts, but it’s the truth! 

I like to describe myself as an internet-obsessed, aspiring “do-it-all” because I’m a writer, finance babe and social strategist but I’m also deeply interested in beauty, fashion, IRL community events, food, TV and so much more. If you ask my friends about me, they’ll likely say a) I just “always know what’s going on” or b) I’m always busy and again, no lies told. 

Yosola Adeniran

Role: Staff Writer FEMME MAG

Age: 22

Star Sign: Leo

Mini Bio: First thing you need to know is I hate writing bios. Why can’t the work speak for itself? Well, since you’re interested: I’m an artist mostly because I say so. I write. I sing. I craft. I daydream. I’m crazy about womxn, art (especially weird and experimental art), and subverting oppressive systems. In an alternate universe, I don’t exist.

Ayotunde Balure

Role: Social Media Manager FEMME Africa

Age: 23

Star Sign: Taurus

Mini Bio: I love selling brands. I hate selling myself. So here are three quick things to know about me and what I do:

1. I decided to start a career in marketing since I discovered that it was a lot more fun than being a lawyer.

2. I’m a full-time nerd, part-time writer, an aspiring filmmaker, reluctant lawyer, round-the-clock creative. 

3. When I’m not acting like I have it all figured out, you can either find me nose deep in a book, watching basketball, bouncing to my favourite tune, knee-deep in my next TV/film obsession, or pretending I enjoy being sociable.

Mine Obukohwo

Role: Executive Assistant FEMME Africa

Age: 21

Star Sign: Scorpio

Mini Bio: I assist with administrative tasks in the best community that connects female creatives with each other. I’m the Jack of all trades — they don’t call me Minnss for nothing.

When I’m not working, I’m definitely eating a 5 layer vanilla pancake & watching YouTube videos. When I’m not at my workstation, I’m coordinating an event or in the kitchen making the juiciest honey spicy wings for my customers.

It’s easy to spot me in a crowd because I’m the life of the party, the prettiest girl in the room with long legs and the most unforgettable birthmark on my face.

Kayinsola Adewolu

Role: Editorial Assistant FEMME MAG

Age: 18 years old

Star Sign:  Capricorn

Mini Bio: I work as an editorial assistant for FEMME MAG and a Mass Comm student at Pan Atlantic University. When I’m not working or at school, I’m listening to music or reading books. I love to cook, even if I barely do it. I put a lot of effort into my Pinterest boards and love to take pictures of things that make me happy. I don’t like when people underestimate me or invalidate my feelings.


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