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FEMME MAG Summer Reading List Ep 3. Ft. Temitayo Coker

FEMME MAG Summer Reading List Ep 3. Ft. Temitayo Coker

Whether you’re in the mood to read on a beach or curl up indoors, there’s a book out there to match every mood. Problem is: which book to sink your teeth into? While we’d admit that these are good problems, selecting a book (or books. Why stop at one?), can feel like a herculean task. Is it going to be a gripping thriller or a steamy romance page-turner? We understand and we’re here for you. 

To make your selection a bit easier, we’ve caught up with some members of our FEMME MAG community and asked them what they plan on reading this Summer and why. We’ll be reporting back with their responses throughout the Summer! From celebrity memoirs, to teen dramas, we’ve got a range of stuff coming your way.

Think of it as our little gift to you! This week, we have Temitayo Coker (@tattie_reads). 

Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

I’m not the kind of person that would usually go for a romance novel as my first choice for a summer read. I tend to reach for contemporary fiction,fantasy, sc-fi and historical fiction. If it’s REALLY GOOD, then I’d also settle for non-fiction. Romance? Not so much. 

That was until I cam across Seven Days in June by Tia Williams on bookstagram. After I read the blurb, I was completly sold on the story! It’s your typical romance novel with the stereotypical perfect but too-good-to-be love interest, a beautiful protgaonist and a storyline that centres around all the barriers that hinder them from being together and living happily ever after. The book follows the characters on a seven day love affair set against the backdrop of a steamy Brookly summer in June.

I’m sure we’ve all watched or read books that typically follow this narrative arc. But i think ultimately what attracted me to this book is the fact that both of the main characters are successful and talented Black writers! I’m very excited to be getting a peak into the thrilling world of Black literati that is free of all the pain and trauma that we are so used to seeing otherwise.



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